Ready, Begin.

A new blog was intimidating to me at first in that I felt everything had to be *perfect* before anyone could view it.  However as time tends to be a continuum I'm doing myself no favors by waiting around, and it's best to adopt a new mindset -- one in which I actually freely create material rather than concerning myself with the semantics of promoting a content-less site.  How novel an idea to simply jump in and put pen to paper!  Fingers to keys, whatever, I said less semantics.

So, my name is Scott McGowan and I'm a drummer.  I like to play drums a LOT, and as such find myself with a passion for teaching others to do the same.  I also like to write music.  But that's what my About page is for, and it's written in third person (which was awkward for me) so it sounds much more official.  Eventually one might find oneself able to listen to and watch my playing or compositions, but let's cross that bridge when I get off my butt and build it.
When not doing music related activities I enjoy the pursuits of fitness, outdoors activities, and theoretical physics.  Because this is MY blog and YOU can't tell me what to do, I'll undoubtedly post the occasional sojourn to one of those fields.  That said, this will be mostly music related and furthermore mostly about drumming.  Now that I've introduced myself and my intentions, let the stream of consciousness flow.

I'm playing twice this week with the illustrious GRIND as a substitute for their drummer, Dave (aka Mr. Incredible).  When it comes to variety and getting a party going GRIND is without a doubt one of Tucson's best, so be sure to check them out.  You can catch me with GRIND:
Feb 18th @ Old Father Inn
Feb19th @ Skybox

Scott McGowan
(Currently listening to: Alestorm - Black Sails at Midnight... yarr!)